WCHR (Wheelchair Ramp)

You do not generally need a wheelchair, or only use a wheelchair for long distances, but are able to climb stairs.

How we support you at Munich Airport

When you arrive at Munich Airport, go to an information desk or directly to the check-in, and state yourlevel of mobility limitation. The service staff there will inform the Mobility Service.

Planning your journey on the day of departure – Information you need

Please come to the check-in desk in good time to ensure we can give you the best support:

  • Domestic and European flights: min. 2 hours before boarding
  • Long-haul flights: min. 3 hours before boarding


To save time and ensure your travel goes smoothly, it is helpful if you have already stated your level of mobility limitation when you book your flight. If you have done this, your airline will already have passed this information on to us.

Own wheelchairs

If you have your own wheelchair (or bariatric wheelchair, electric wheelchair), please give your chair in at the check-in desk. You will receive a wheelchair from our team. Your own wheelchair can be collected at the luggage belt when you arrive.

After check-in

After a short wait, you will be collected by a member of our team. We then accompany you through the necessary control points (e.g. security check, passport control etc.) to your gate.

E-Car des Mobility Service steht mit einem Rollstuhl im Termin bereit.

E-cars can be used to cover longer distances from the check-in to the gate.

Accompanying family members or travellers

Most airlines allow a person accompanying a mobility-limited passenger to accompany the passenger to the gate. If you would like this, please inform the staff at the check-in.